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„Antibanding“ system against block bending EMTower

Patented system Erlenbach against blocks bending protects boards after cutting against deformation. In general, it lowers operational and energetic costs and enables a quicker processing of produced blocks.


Shape pressing automats with a hydraulic drive. They are characterized by a low price in comparison with its quality and utility values. Thanks to low investment costs and long service life are ideal for start-up companies which produce big series of products or as a replacement of older machines.


Discontinual and continual pre-foamers EMBead ensure an effective and economic pre-foaming  of all materials. It offers a highest grade of foaming and operation flexibility. They are quickly adjustable and easily maintainable. They work extremely equally and also environmentally friendly.


Shape pressing automats series EMClassic are modern, proven machines which succesfully show their quality of the hydraulic drive for long years. Optimally dimensioned tube traces and precisely working operating systems ensure short times of cycles on a high quality grade of production. A big advantage is a short delivery time even for machines with special dimensions.


Recycling units EMCycle for grinding of final products from EPS or EPP from production of tiles and blocks. They are environmentally friendly and they increase competitiveness of producers. They distinctly save costs and decrease volume of waste.


Product series EMHandling include equipment for semi- or fully automatized production and manipulation processes following the production of tiles. These systems are individually adjusted to a customer´ needs and their main goal is to save human resources and to increase efficiency of production. They are safe and economic and easily mountable to current equipment.


Series of shape pressing machines EMMotion for processing of EPS and EPP is driven by an innovative electric actuator via cranks. This unique solution brings cleanness, low costs, fully electronic regulating system, energy saving thanks to isolated steam chambers EM and microprocessor control with a pleasant GUI.


Block forms EMTower are synonymum of the highest quality blocks production and following production of isolating EPS boards. It brings a fully electronic regulating system, the shortest possible times of cycles, low energy consuming and low residual moisture.