Untitled-3We offer quality and quick service to our client, including covering of spare parts. We provide warranty and post-warranty service. We are happy to assist even you bought a machine somewhere else.

We dispose of expertised and experienced team of technicians and we guarantee their availability within the whole Central Europe. We offer these services:

  • Installation and deployment of delivered equipment, incl. functional tests and guaranteed performance control
  • Operation and maintenance training at a client´s place, general advicing
  • Preventive machines´ inspections and regular calibrations
  • Additional adjusting and functional extension of machines

We provide also an identification of needed spare parts and their delivery for all types and modifications of machines from our offer. Delivery dates are specified according to a client´ needs and availability of particular spare parts.

Standard times of arrival of our technicians are within two working days from an intervention order. In urgent cases we react within 24 hours.